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Only 3 Days Remain Until “food For Thought” Begins

Here’s some food for thought: 80% of restaurants FAIL within their first five years. So what does it take to be a part of that winning 20%? We’ll tell you that and much more at our first-ever “open-source” speaking event on Thursday, 11/3.

Gathered on stage will be the founding partners of Kei Concepts, there to discuss concepts, theories, and strategies that can help YOUR F&B business be commercially successful in a volatile industry.

Pick the brains of OC’s finest. This “open-source” speaking event will also feature a Q&A session to answer your most burning questions: How to choose the right co-founder/partner, how to work on your business plan/pitch deck to raise money for your first start-up, whether or not you should invest your own money into your first start-up, and frankly, where to even begin – all of these questions and more will be answered!

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